Lao Xie how to conduct market research before the promotion of enterprise network

market research is the process and work of people’s understanding of the market and the operation of the market and the operation mechanism. Market research is to solve the decision of product marketing services, it provides an objective and specific information on the basis of market forecasts, and the information collection, collation, analysis and processing. The purpose of market research and forecasting is to arrange production and sales according to consumer demand and market potential. Investigation, prediction and decision making is an important task of enterprise management. It is also necessary to do the work before the promotion, do not do a direct impact on the investigation of your network promotion is not successful.

generally speaking, there are three obvious characteristics of market research: purpose, practicality and relevance.

market research is a very clear project, must be organized, planned, step by step. Its mission is to collect business intelligence and market information. Therefore, each market survey should be set in advance the scope of the investigation and the objectives to be achieved. In general, the market survey to: (1) provide market information service for the enterprise products sales; (2) for the continuous improvement of production technology or raise the level of business and management consulting services; (3) provide market basis for the development of enterprises and obtain the best economic marketing activities benefit.

practicality refers to the market survey is a work that can not be separated from the practice, the investigation staff must practice in order to collect a comprehensive, specific and timeliness of the survey data. Researchers through the analysis of survey data, draw conclusions from the rich meaning of action, and provide basis for enterprise management departments to make decisions, and guide the practice of enterprise, better organization marketing work. If the enterprise decision is right, it must be tested by the feedback of various market information, and the feedback information can be obtained by the field investigation.

market surveys are generally carried out in a specific product marketing activities as the center of the specific investigation, therefore, and the product marketing business directly related, which is the relevance of market research. It provides a variety of information about the market and the market environment for product marketing, and changes in consumer demand and changes in the potential market trends to direct the marketing activities of enterprises.

Market Research Methods: can be used directly in the actual survey, you can also use the network vote.

market research should pay attention to the problem

in order to do a good job in the enterprise’s own product market research, so that it can play its due role, we must pay attention to the following issues. It can be said that this is the basic requirements of market research work.

(a) market research must be carried out regularly

the commodity market is constantly changing, commodity competition is changing, consumer demand is changing, the market location of the political and economic situation is constantly changing, if not and

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