s the real product manager really that stupid

saw a bad experience products, many people’s reaction is: This product manager is idiot?! how can it be! Even I want to get this stupid unexpectedly! Is this product or want to



product manager this threshold is really low, indeed uneven levels. Such scold scold, also seem to be very good. Scold people can express their desire to blame Tucao, usually can not hear, hear can also find little reason to comfort myself; a little time can also write a blog can also comfort the public; and even re sublimation point, can urge the product manager to examine their own views, perfect.

however, I still want to say: most of the time we have difficulties.

1, resources are usually limited.

demon: front end greatly, next week to do this


front end greatly: time.

: what do you estimate under the demon about how long to do


front end: oh. Most of this requires back-end coordination. Back end to do a very important project, no time next week.


recently in our company to do a product of the home page and list page optimization. Very happy, finally grab the front end of the time. It is frustrating that there is no time for back-end development.

so decided to optimize the next vision, waiting for the back-end to arrange time.

2, time is usually urgent.

Leadership: demon, this week launched

no problem?


3, the boss’s will is usually irreversible

interview, will always be asked a question, if the boss’s opinion and you do not agree, what would you do?

standard answer is always: communicate with the boss carefully, if the boss is right, listen to the boss. If there is a problem with the boss feedback. Gee. I will always be my own answer to a face blood.

but what is the actual situation?

most of the time, the child is right or wrong, the boss is talking about the strategy. The boss puts forward an idea of standing high and considering the benefits, and we are not a hierarchical. Moreover, in the dimension of time, right and wrong is not objective and eternal.

more importantly, slightly larger companies, the executive and the boss is really far away. When the first level of pressure down, basically irreversible.

the last part of the Department will be shared, it was raised a question: how to explain to the development of the elegant, this change is the boss needs to change.

our previous leadership

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