The blog promotion a viral marketing website.

want to successfully launch a website, in my opinion need to meet three points: high quality, high efficiency, high creativity. The first is the high quality, no matter what is the promotion of the need to promote a high-quality team to complete, and ten thousand steps back, we need at least a high-quality promotional process. On the other hand, the best products can only be aborted, such examples may not be what I need to explain. The second is efficient, as we know, in the promotion of a certain things, two times on the communication effect of opinion leaders often spread straight to the high efficiency of some. So we may be able to consider the effect of the promotion of the site in the opinion of the two leaders of the higher spread. The last one is a high creative, promotion is to talk about creativity, advertising is to talk about creativity, but high creativity is often bundled with high costs, which for our personal webmaster is undoubtedly a heavy yoke. But we can also try relatively low cost, high creative ways, such as soft wen. Imagine you are using vapid statement to tell you your website is very good or through a soft text or a case to reflect your website is very good? I don’t have to answer for.

so, how can we meet these three requirements, but also the most effective way to save the cost of personal experience is to use the blog promotion method. Whether long-term bloggers or long-term read blogs, in the hundreds of millions of Internet users relatively jumbly in should be slightly higher quality that a group of, and the group Bloger more or less will accumulate some readers.

to sum up, spend some of the money to hire some with a higher weight and popularity of Bloger to write and promote some of the site’s soft Wen on the formation of a website to promote the formation of the case.

as a webmaster, of course, we can not just be satisfied with a promotion plan to promote the formation of the case. We need to improve this promotion, we need to pay attention to several aspects.

blog: blog to have a certain quality, whether it is your own blog or other blogs, as long as in some industries have a certain influence on the line, no influence at least what weight must be high, so some promotional articles, and this blog is very authoritative would have caused many users to discuss plus, the blogger’s reputation for promotion, so your brand image will be very high, and the article with your site connection, is equivalent to the user a entrance to guide them into, but also indirectly increase the chain you upgrade your site weight, the most important it is also easy to form your site groups of fans, such loyal users are needed for any website.

content: the blog as a platform to promote the dissemination of their own website, you know this because some blog aggregators, and fruit and so on is very good website, this also shows that many users love is a focus on the blog to increase their sources of information, it is relatively forum better, of course content does? This is very important, if in a bad.

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