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blog marketing has been a very effective way, but they are usually ignored by the webmaster, in the right way, it is not the webmaster want to ignore, but unknowingly ignored. Because the blog marketing is very particular about persistence and patience. Many webmaster have persistence and patience, but it is for their own station really make painstaking efforts. In the face of the blog, as a marketing tool, the blog is too difficult to let the webmaster have a sense of belonging to him, why? The reasons are as follows, all the webmaster is adding without change. Today, said the reason is mainly because of blog marketing for grassroots Adsense is really a rare absolute top role helper. I hope you can find your own blog marketing reasons. Blog marketing to do better.

1, the number of blog marketing, blog marketing needs blog, indicating that the blog marketing, then you have more than one blog, as the number of specific depending on the taste of the webmaster. Some webmasters like a group of blog marketing for him some webmaster like a few blog for his marketing. But no matter how many. There is one thing in common, the blog is definitely more than one. A large number of words will lead to energy dispersion. Coupled with the premise of the blog marketing is difficult to produce any effect. A lot of webmaster fell in this clearance. Slowly, gradually, forget all the blog users and passwords.

2, blog marketing content, every blog is for marketing and the survival of each article are hoping to complete the webmaster wish, the best is original, but the stationmaster if there is really a lot of original articles then starting your site as the chain base. And generally do not like to write with a pen. It should be said, if not because of the original article is so important in SEO, then it is all the webmaster throughout the year may not have picked up a pen to write impulse. With a blog, but often can not find the right content to update. Slowly, gradually, and forget all the blog user name and password.

by webmaster if black feeds, please indicate the source.

3, the effect of blog marketing, just in the first reason to mention a little. Although the effect of the blog marketing is amazing, but if there is no effect of the more grinding. It usually makes you seem to have no effect. Every day to take the time and effort to update and maintain the results without a IP so sad results let the webmaster how to bear? A month 2 months 3 months so so, wrong methods? Who can tell me the real marketing blog right? No one knows nobody can tell you. You may occasionally look.


above is my own little experience of blog marketing, do not speak well please exhibitions, if you have a more profound blog marketing more sharply it does not adhere to the welcome in the following reply response kazakhstan. I’ll keep an eye on it. Until I find the most accurate and effective way on the blog marketing

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