What is the real network marketing

network marketing is the Internet as the main means, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing activities. I believe everyone knows the definition of network marketing, but really do not know how many people start marketing network. Not too many people can do it perfectly, then what is the network marketing it, including how to do a good job of network marketing, and today we look forward to protect this issue.

in my building stood in a row to network marketing real exchange group has asked the friend what is the network marketing, network marketing, many of my friends are Baidu, Baidu made more formal, really do it all puzzled, so it is necessary to understand the essence of network marketing, and specific execution method. Guardian that network marketing can be broken down. Internet: Internet: Communication: Camp: personnel aggregation; sales: Sales and after-sales.

one: to the Internet to achieve their own marketing purposes to promote consumer spending.

network marketing in a word, I believe we all understand that this marketing approach can not be separated from the internet. For the rapid development of the Internet, network marketing is the trend. However, some of the friends of the network marketing can not say anything, such as the food and beverage industry. Micro-blog WeChat marketing vivid. What o2o mode. In this Guardian want to say is: the Internet is not to eat every day, but not necessarily inseparable from the internet. Therefore, the network is targeted, not all, nor omnipotent.

two: as the operator to learn how to correctly to exchange contact.

network marketing the second step is to communicate with the user contact, to see our product or service information for friends, they are likely to become our customers, this time as the operator must be correct to exchange contact, so set the customer service such position is very important, most of the transactions and customer service is not open. But for some website operators, especially the webmaster friends, they are lack of communication with the users, only of their own subjective conjecture to operate the site, eventually reach their satisfactory results, there is no ideal harvest to obliterate the fight, so the "network" is essential. We should give full play to instant messaging tools.

three: operators to understand their own user polymerization.

when their products form a certain customer base, we must learn to aggregate their own users, the establishment of QQ group, forum, or other aggregation methods, these customers are divided into hierarchical aggregation together. Core customers, regular customers, potential customers. Most webmasters or web site operators have no goals, always thinking about wide and extensive marketing, although the wide net can indeed be some gains, but it is too tired, too much to take. For personal Adsense or small team, there is no such energy. Therefore, we recommend that you must know how to protect the aggregation, according to their own characteristics of the customer classification, targeted marketing and information push, so as to better achieve their sales expectations.

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