Site management don’t take their improper leadership

  Web site manager, everyone is a leader, because every day tens of thousands of people come to visit your site. The following is a brilliant article of a leader.

  the real heroes of leadership are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. They are not public figures, celebrities or superstars. They’re the ones who live next door to us. Our focus on leadership has been 25 years. Leadership does not come from positions and titles. Leadership is not the power and authority given to you by the organization, nor does it relate to fame and wealth. Not to be a CEO, President, general manager or prime minister is to have leadership. Leadership is closely related to interpersonal relationships, trust and what you do!

you are the most important leader in the organization

if you are a manager in an organization, you are the most important leader in your organization. You are more than any one leader may influence them to leave, and their occupation development, their moral behavior, their talents degree, their customer service force, their job satisfaction and willing to share their vision and values of the degree of organization.

if you are a parent, a teacher, a coach, or a community leader, you are a leader who can influence young people, not Hip-Hop artists, movie stars or athletes. You are the most likely to learn how they learn how to deal with the situation of the competition, to deal with the crisis, to bear the failure or to solve the moral dilemma. It’s not you,


is one of the most influential leaders around us. Once you realize this, people will look at leadership from a different perspective. Yukari Huguenard is a leader in our long-term research, in the review of leadership assumptions, for his leadership ideas have changed greatly: I used to think that the top management of the organization’s leader. Under the influence of this point of view, I feel that there is a big gap between myself and the leaders. Now, I think at any level, the leadership of any size of the team can be called a leader. If you can use the five practices of leadership, you are a leader, because people around you are willing to follow you. So I feel like I’m a leader.

you can’t escape, leadership is everyone’s business. No matter what position you are in, you have to take on the role of a leader. This means that you and everyone are responsible for your leadership, because you are the most important leader of the people around you. Your only choice is to be the best leader.

leadership can learn and know

some people think that leadership is only a small number of people. Is the leader born or after

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