Analysis the marketing type enterprise website promotion tips

many companies have been aware of the importance of the construction of the marketing website. Hot marketing website is not so, many building companies are no longer use the concept of marketing website, on the contrary, a variety of new packaging concept names have appeared, such as "profit oriented sites", "100% automatic transaction type website". A successful marketing type enterprise website must have seven elements, including the structure of the site, very clear visual performance, perfect customer service marketing system, improve the convenience of the website backstage, with search engine optimization rules, with the credibility and depth value of the content of the website and the very sales force display of goods.

marketing enterprise website construction can not be separated from the latter stage of the promotion, marketing and promotion is also a key factor affecting the success or failure of marketing enterprise website. So how to do marketing type enterprise website promotion? Here is to discuss some simple marketing website promotion tips.

first, the construction of the marketing website to be done from the user’s point of view to create articles

a good title for marketing enterprise website is very important. From the user’s point of view, the user will like a good title, rather than tedious title. Good title to the user is also attractive enough, it will also bring a considerable amount of site traffic. From this point of view, in the marketing type website construction, we must pay attention to the user experience, to create the article from the user’s point of view. The content of the article should be attractive to the user, and the title of the article needs to let users understand this article provides the user interested in, the information needed.

second, website promotion article title to include key words

users decide whether or not to read the first step of the page is usually to see the title, if the title contains the user is interested in the keyword, the user will continue to browse the web. From the perspective of search engine optimization, if the title contains the key word, then the search engine will be included in the web page will increase the probability of. These two aspects determine the title of the article must contain keywords.

third, the title of the site to be simple and clear

article title must be simple and clear. Imagine that the user can understand the meaning of the title, but also interested in browsing the web? Easy title is more love to the user, and the user can also hope to get more information by reading a text. From the point of view of website promotion, most search engines don’t show more than 60 characters in the search results. So if you want to do a good job of marketing, marketing enterprise website title can be controlled in the best 40-60 characters. The title must avoid very long and tedious information.

a lot of people in the process of marketing website promotion, in order to pursue the effect of deliberately using new in order to be different, some incomprehensible words, a kind of behavior which is not desirable. The title of the site can be directly used in some easy to understand language, >

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