Details determine success or failure —- a network marketing plan

do stand for a long time, a lot of friends complained to me, why choose it industry has great development prospects, the direction is correct, but do not reach the ideal effect? This reminds me of the word "detail decides success or failure." I only take my personal experience to take out and share with you, hope that we learn from each other, each other


in mid 2007 to the present, I participated in the I love gifts network planning and operation, I love gifts network ( as the name suggests, its main function is to unite the various businesses and enterprises by providing gifts, users browse through the enterprise website and product information, to get the gift of reading taste. So as to improve the visibility of the enterprise and its products, and broaden the product sales of a network platform. In China, such as the network marketing platform is rare. But in Japan, where a group of people have been living on a variety of sweepstakes, they have sold out prizes to earn income. Japan is also like this kind of mature gift site. (for example: no doubt, this is a good marketing model, but in China when it comes to sweepstakes, although many businesses have been imitated, but did not form a certain scale. There are many reasons, that is, the details we want to mention.

lottery website with the help of the Internet, to provide convenient sweepstakes for the majority of Internet users, greatly improving the efficiency of the lottery and publicity area, to overcome the reality of sweepstakes in time and space and form a variety of restrictions, lottery sites in attracting members and interactive aspects are relatively easy to operate, in the actual operation. We are faced with many problems and difficulties.

first: how to draw the integrity of the


in China, there are many large and small sites hosting a sweepstakes every day, although some activities are real and effective, but also have a lot of activities is false, but these are not the integrity of the sweepstakes, will eventually lead to the majority of Internet users enthusiasm was once again teasing, that he lost his charm. Therefore, the biggest difficulty is to draw a lottery site integrity, although the lottery site can be honest to operate, but it is difficult to believe members. To solve these practical problems, I used the method is: prizes provided by the business enterprise, and the network is only responsible for the supervision of the audit. As a result, the enterprise network and gifts for each other, what prizes are assigned to where? There is no waste? Is there in one’s pockets? Can not achieve the desired effect? A business and website issues of common concern. As a result, naturally dispel the doubts of the Internet users, so that I love to be able to do the gift net integrity 100% only to do good faith, the site is likely to grow up.

second: the mechanism of how to make the site for a long time


why would you say that before with a friend chat, if the network does not have a good mechanism, the site will certainly be difficult to run for a long time, because everyone’s curiosity and patience

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