Thank you not the soft is not a good webmaster

Xie I was born grassroots, did the webmaster, know the webmaster hard, general grassroots webmaster can’t do some advertising promotion, because his pocket a few, so the webmaster must learn to soft writing. If you look at the future is not clear, thank you, I opened a soft Wen training class, we can learn, Q number 466715240.

soft in the writing of

Title: title to be more attractive. There is no doubt that the role of the title, you write the soft Wen again good, if the topic is not attractive, many people will not see your article is useless, when writing the title of soft paper to consider the following:

1, to pay attention to what is popular on the Internet, which is hot in the current society, what people are more concerned about. Your article combined with these, such as indecent photos of Edison Chan event, the Olympic torch relay, Wenchuan, earthquake, NBA, Olympic Games and so on everyone in the discussion of the topic, you write the soft Wen can through these popular keyword extraction.

2, for your potential customers concerned about the issue of writing, such as personal webmaster care flow and make money, enterprise website is concerned about their products and services, your article can start from this aspect.

3, the temptation of the word, can attract the eye, stimulate the eye of the title we all like. People are curious, if you write some erotic text, the article will be how?. Oh, this old man is not recommended Kazakhstan

4, "the human is expected to live 150 years", this is a very powerful melatonin melatonin soft, soft Wen is able to get so much attention, because it will commercial intentions perfectly in the story from full of wit and humour, cloning technology to melatonin in the United States fire storm, has always been to the incident as a clue gradually extended to "product demands of the young state". The reader is completely imperceptibly into the brain platinum default "trap". It is said that in order to write melatonin soft, Shi Yuzhu will he planning group of more than 10 master copy together with a lot of prepared material, quietly pulled to a hotel in Changzhou, the package under several rooms, focus on the fully closed soft writing.


soft Wen according to different people, different needs, different tastes of readers to write. If you are to promote their products and services, but sent him to the game site or forum, it is estimated that we will not look at you. But Lao Xie recommend that you write high quality articles, sent to the portal online, because these stations will be relatively high PR, and will soon improve visibility. Believe that China’s webmaster will become a good webmaster!

this article is the first station in the old Xie ADMIN5, reproduced the name of the old thank you soft Wen training

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