Advantages and disadvantages of open shop to do distribution

Ma Yun has a famous saying: you do not do e-commerce, 5 years later you will regret it, then open shop is a good manifestation of e-commerce. Now Taobao is popular, so many of my friends are eager to do Taobao, open shop, of which a large part of the seller and friends are very love distribution, because the distribution can be done part-time, full-time can also do not need their own distribution, distribution, can reduce the risk, but according to statistics, Taobao has nearly 10% people are doing all kinds of distribution, why so many people love to do distribution, analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the distribution below, and solve the defects of distribution is proposed in the end.

Benefits of


1 Distribution of goods can earn the difference profit;


distribution is profitable, especially distribution has a certain brand of goods, can increase the network store revenue;

consumer has a certain platform trend, not all are again shopping platform to buy, can not go through all the commercial website, the standard type of goods can collect quotations from more preferred platform, increase sales, personalized merchandise also platform cheap suppliers to increase sales of


2 distribution of popular goods is conducive to improve store traffic, and improve their own merchandise exposure and sales;


distribution of well-known brands and has a certain influence on the brand to improve the overall flow of the store, and can describe the details page associated with its own commercial posters in the distribution of goods, can greatly improve the exposure of its own goods, and increase its sales.

3 distribution is conducive to the rapid promotion of shop credit rating;


consumer consumption is more and more common, consumers in the selection of goods brand has become an important way of shopping, brand distribution of high-quality goods will not only improve store traffic will increase the product conversion rate, and improve the credit rating of the fast store. And in this way to improve the credit rating is in line with the provisions of the network transaction platform, will not have the risk of being afterwards in autumn.

4 distribution of goods orders processing almost no time;

does not require packaging, no need to talk with the courier company courier, do not need to inventory, sales of goods is complete customer service service: This requires distributors selection of merchandise quality suppliers or familiar with suppliers, this is very important, this store comprehensive credit rating will not be because of missed delivery, late delivery, customer service and other bad reason is low.

5 distribution platform wide, can be distributed to multiple platforms of quality goods, is conducive to maintaining the competitiveness of shops and goods.

now with the consumer’s shopping comparison ability, brand, standard standard commodity prices have transparency, a large number of consumers have been used and compared by model, brand shopping, single platform price, service advantage is not prominent.

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