Jiang Likun ten strokes to make content page traffic doubled

many people think that only to do the traffic can come up, this is not accurate, reasonable settings page of website traffic plays an important use, especially the final page, is the priority among priorities. Today let me lead you to understand the mystery.

one, the article paging

if the text content page is too long, will not only increase the page size, the page opens become slow; but also enables users to browse inconvenient; (the most important one, a page on behalf of more N PV) so that the appropriate page is very necessary. As for how long a page, according to their actual situation, as long as the user does not cause resentment on the line. Personally think that the content of each page in two screen is feasible.

two, automatic page set

Many users in the browse page

many articles, is not used to keep the page, especially for pictures of articles, even more so. So if we set an automatic flip function, it is convenient to move. But there are a considerable number of Internet users in the open a new page, forgot to shut down before the old ", this time if the page can automatically flip, traffic is equal to pick up.

three, learn to do news pictures.

add pictures in the paper has three main benefits: one can let the life become lively illustrations; two can increase the length of the article is that the paging easier: three); increasing the viscosity of users. Because the content of text than pure text content, but also to attract users: so I strongly recommend that you do more graphic content. In fact, now the major sites have been very popular this method is very good, like QQ, MSN, some news directly in the form of pictures + instructions.

four, add hyperlinks to content keywords

if the conditions permit, the article will be some of the popular keywords, articles in the picture, such as hyperlinks, you can link to the relevant columns or topics. This requires a certain amount of technical support, so personal Adsense may need to find someone to achieve cooperation, and now many advertising alliance have this form of advertising, we can try.

five, set the picture and text recommendation, advertising.

make full use of the article page to add the right amount of text recommendation and advertising, these recommendations and advertising can be used to promote the station can also be linked to other sites to exchange. There are four key points:

1, under the title. Text link based.

2, the text of the article. Text link based. Note that the links and the fourth key links are not a concept.

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3, text right. As far as >

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