Network marketing the art of war March article

"network marketing" the art of war "on a march article change article nine, continue to use Sun Tzu to analysis the network marketing. In writing this series of articles, from May to December nearly half the time, wrote, the reference to Tao Hanzhang’s art of war "Sun Zi introduction", special tribute, the remaining four articles, I will fight in this month all finished, thank you for your attention.

a, network marketing should pay attention to detail

network marketing is a long-term work, in the specific network promotion should pay attention to the details. As we often make the Forum promotion, many people do not pay attention to the details of doing, especially in the maintenance of posts, need a large number of accounts, some people at the time of registration and account looks particularly close, to allow users to see that this is a promotion to do. There is a question and answer in the promotion of the class, a question on an answer, but the time is closer, it does not seem particularly true. Many of the network marketing tools in theory is not a problem, but there will be a lot of problems in the implementation, all have a detail oriented implementation team.

two, network marketing to hard soft combination

network marketing in the specific implementation, the flow of many enterprises are mostly from the web site advertising, and some other soft promotion should be carried out. The user can search to us for advertising in the search, we can also see the natural ranking, if the enterprise can also see the promotion content in the online community forums and blogs, for the user to reach a full coverage. I want to buy a front Yang Tao software, this type of software is particularly large, there is a friend recommended that the software is very good, but I have never seen it on the other platform name, did not buy. In a number of platforms through the multi angle coverage of soft and hard, so that users can quickly think of us in the final choice.

three, network marketing is not more than

is now a lot of means of network marketing, but not all means are to be used, for many companies, the use of dozens of basic do not finish, or simply do not have the energy to do. In the beginning of the network marketing, it should be more useful to choose a few, of course, to do the statistical analysis of the results, the effect of good choice to adhere to long-term. There are each person according to their own specific circumstances, choose their own network marketing tools are better at, easy to see results. Author Yang Tao students are there to sell the server, then using the four or five promotion means to a few months, the business volume increased rapidly, pulled a few large single television.

four, network marketing to be able to see the essence through the phenomenon of

network marketing should not only pay attention to some of the content outside, to find some of these rules. This will do good at summing up in the specific analysis of network marketing, email marketing to send tens of thousands of copies, to sum up the effective arrival rule, which mailboxes good, what content is not easy to send spam recognition. In the event marketing network of common network reds, more and more people just shut.

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