B2B quality starts from search engine

      since the three quarter, Philippines was China white toffee contain formaldehyde, two diethylene glycol toothpaste was deactivated, Chinese toys recalled, Panama drug poisoning and a series of product quality problems caused widespread concern at home and abroad. China has made great contributions to the high growth of GDP made in China, is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of confidence.

      mass storm wake B2B new mission

      in spite of the fact that China quality problem and no foreign media rendering so serious, but the impact of the outbreak of the crisis of confidence China foreign trade enterprises should not be overlooked. By the quality of the crisis triggered by the export trade is blocked, will make China’s economy suffered heavy losses, the incident caused the party and the government and relevant departments attach great importance to. For this event, China launched a 4 month "Chinese quality storm", Vice Premier Wu Yi of the State Council Pro product quality and food safety leading group, a commitment to solve the "special battle China manufacturing" trust crisis has begun.

      Chinese as everyone knows, is in a critical period of transformation from a big manufacturing country to a powerful one, which requires the design, production, logistics, finance, quality inspection, foreign trade the whole industry chain and the whole society to work together. B2B as a new trade platform, relying on the inherent characteristics of the Internet across region and time and low cost, the growth rate is very rapid, has become the international purchaser understanding "is an important way to China manufacturing". In the international market have an unprecedented distrust moment for Chinese products, as the bear responsibility B2B platform to promote Chinese products to the world the new historical mission to solve the Chinese quality crisis, and online display to establish the quality control system, China enterprise quality credit, quality evaluation and selection of suppliers to help international buyers, has become a B2B platform is the most urgent task.

      quality decides business opportunity

      in the course of trade, quality and price is a pair of wings to achieve success, the two can eventually promote the exchange of transactions. For a long time, in international trade, the supplier selection of overseas buyers, the core work is to evaluate the capabilities of suppliers, and the most important is the quality of products in-depth understanding, the core is actually the purchaser pays attention to product quality.

      purchasing industry, B2B procurement process is a typical multi purchase funnel model, which is the most important aspect of assessment screening, it accounts for 70% of their work time to purchase, the main work is to focus on the quality assessment of risk assessment carried out. With the increasing number of B2B platforms >

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