China entrepreneurial companies vied for the ndia Market the demographic dividend huge user habits

when India’s prime minister Narendra modi · standing in New Delhi’s iconic Vigyan Bhavan podium shouting "Start Up India, Stand Up India (India venture, India rise)", he may not think that this country has been in the business of dividends, the China entrepreneurs eyeing.


vision China in India Delhi Gurgaon Masterpierce building, one of the only 10 India team stationed in this company, the employer is a technology company called LEOMASTER from Shenzhen nanshan. Over the past two years, the company has developed an application called Leo privacy guards lock software for encryption of App on the smartphone.

in this way, the user does not seem too modest domestic products, has been used by 150 million India users. In the India tool application rankings, this application is the first ten.

Although the domestic

advocates a "double" policy to let Shenzhen entrepreneurs stampede in the domestic mobile Internet market, but due to intense competition, has a growing number of entrepreneurs no longer than lingering on the front of the market. Since January this year, India proposed to "venture in India" plan, China entrepreneurial team ready to start.

it is hard to say China entrepreneurial team has made some achievements in India, but at least in some areas, companies from Chinese already look at fiercely as a tiger does. For example, UC browser has a foothold into the market in India, the cheetah has developed a comprehensive product into the strategy of India Shenzhen information platform service provider Yingweinuo will develop a India version of today’s headlines……


service in India entrepreneurial team Burson Marsteller in charge of StepUp in India region Piyal Banerjee on the interface of journalists said they have witnessed China start-ups to enter the India market boom, any one to enter the India market Chinese start-ups need to be able to meet global standards and quality products to provide "value" price. Here Chinese startups can flex its muscles in the areas of education of science and technology, networking and artificial intelligence.

to some extent, Premier Modi took office so that the focus of global entrepreneurship from China and Silicon Valley moved to India. In May 2014, Modi began to reform the proposed digital India plan; then in 2015, the government launched the India manufacturing plan, including Foxconn, one plus, vivo, OPPO and other Chinese companies have set up factories in India. In January this year, Modi officially announced plans to start a business in India, and will invest $1 billion 500 million to support the India venture.

a few years time, India’s entrepreneurial support has been improved. In India, for example, the start-up company was not required to pay taxes and be exempt from the review of labour laws in the first 3 years after the establishment of the company; India

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