Lao Xie to solve the problem of personal Adsense promotion

for a long time not for everyone on the promotion of experience, recently there are many personal webmaster, I asked some website promotion, I think this is the most novice webmaster will often meet the problem today, together with some free time, here to talk about unity.

below, is the old Xie I need to answer the question on average 10 times a day or more.

asked: why not my site traffic

A: why is your website to have traffic, your website is worth the user to visit? If you think your webmaster is very helpful to the user, then you have to think, how can more easily make the user into your site, your site first, open the "door", where is the door? Baidu, GOOGLE, navigation network text links, external links, the door is certainly better, bigger is better, there are more people in.

asked: I do a lot of time "door", why not

A: you do a long time, a week will want to succeed, you are God, this is a common newbie mistakes, website promotion is a process, this process is long, the development is not large, a few years or even 10 years.

asked: I heard that the effect of soft Wen is very good, a soft Wen can bring much traffic

: I don’t know, a soft paper can bring much traffic, if I know, then I must be a God, the old Xie spent a few years on the promotion of soft paper, more feel soft, not to get much traffic, the maximum effect of soft it is Titus your product brand, to product sales. More favorable to enhance the overall site traffic.

asked: do SEO need to do

answer: it is recommended that individuals do not want to do the popular keywords, some owners want to do: Taobao, SINA and other words, it is unrealistic. You do good analysis of website users, what they need, they often enter the keyword is what, this is one of the most important things to do a little SEO, it is recommended to do SEO: no matter what the algorithm is in the first direction on content.

Q: my website products, there is no one how to buy traffic

answer: This is your product itself, or is not your promotion methods, if you cheat in the forum users in access to the use of improper means, users found cheated, why buy the product? Your product really worth the user enough to buy it, this is you a question.

Q: what are the ways to promote the site

answer: there are many ways to see how you use, to do a very good way, the effect is not bad. Therefore, the method is not to say, but in essence, when you feel that this method is certainly useful, do not abandon, do not give up, and strive to move forward.

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