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previously published in Admin5, how to deal with the local station and the relationship between the local official website (, now talk about the local profit.

local station development over the years, profit model has a great breakthrough, whether online or offline advertising sources are very mature, but it is precisely because of this, many local stations are hard to get breakthrough, profit pattern is a copy, which are limited to the development of the local station to a great extent.

The traditional models of

local stations generally include: advertising alliance, local sponsorship and local advertisers.

The first kind of

(X): to be honest, the local development of a good station (here to county-level city for example), IP will reach 2000 has been quite good, generally of medium size County local information port of IP but also about 1000, remember to see a friend. The article said that, even if you do GG, 500IP flow, at most ten times per click click, according to 0.1 dollars only a dozen dollars a day, so rely on advertising alliance advertising does not place the head, X!

second (recommended): local sponsorship, the equivalent of venture capital, this is very good, not only can solve your site daily financial problems, may also rest part to do the promotion, the effect of such sponsorship but needless to say, you need to do to pull it? It’s up to you to sell yourself. (recommended contact with local real estate agents)

third: I believe it is the most commonly used, indeed, this method is very good, very high income.

More than three kinds of

is the traditional local station profit model, then I would like to focus on the recommendation is that I have a great potential for a method, is to do their own products, in their own stations to promote.

specific it into their purchase of products, such as mobile phone, second-hand products like, after the promotion in their own stand on their own to sell, is equivalent to its own advertising company and sales company as a whole, it can guarantee the maximum profit. There is the opening of intermediary functions, intermediary rental, housing and so on, so that it can be considered a real local integrated portal.

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