Hotel B2B platform spider network announced a few million dollars B round of financing

news July 7th, hotel B2B online marketing and trading platform spiders travel network announced yesterday, has completed the tens of millions of dollars B round of financing in South Korea recently, this round of financing from LBInvestment lead investor, Jun linked capital city, blue capital with the cast.


is reported that the spider tourism network was established in Shenzhen in August 2014, is a hotel B2B online direct marketing and trading platform. Spiders travel travel agency issued include requirements and budget information orders issued to all hotel platform to meet the requirements of the bid by the hotel to grab one, the user can choose the highest price of the Royal Hotel products within the budget and complete the online prepaid in online payment and invoice, to complete the a complete transaction process.

, according to the company revealed that there are tens of thousands of active tourist hotels and travel agencies every day, business customers in the platform for direct online transactions.

spider travel network CEO Li Shengnan said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the expansion of the company, the company plans during the year to complete 60 city hotel network direct sign, so that the platform initially completed Hotel trading platform scale coverage, with the technical means to help promote the trading efficiency and profits of the hotel industry to enhance the rate of.

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