Unity 2008 (01. 27) Hangzhou nternet elite association is now registered

in order to commemorate the dead in 2007, but also to miss the irreversible green years, and in the turbulent, weary and restless in the Internet already lost the passion and dream, along with the fast across the Internet webmaster General Assembly held a victory, as long insisted on fighting in the first line, take the national industry vertical sites the electronic commerce, the birthplace of the important task of Zhejiang · Hangzhou Internet elite also seems to be somewhat static. To this end, we especially to Zhejiang · Hangzhou area of the vast majority of the Internet elite GF hero post: This is not a touch of AD poly, which is a cry from the depths of our hearts. We do not pursue the scale, we do not pursue the effect, we do, together, drink, big meat, big talk with eloquence just because, in 2008 we have only one goal: unity is strength.

Association time: 2008 01 month 27 day at 1 o’clock in the afternoon
association process:
                      no flow, no report, no speech;
                      there is only you random tit for tat, drinking and singing, fully and delightfully.
                      1, 2008 development trend;
                      2 the future development trend of electronic commerce,
                      3, the future development trend of vertical industry website;
                    & nbsp; 4; how to strengthen the Zhejiang · Hangzhou area Internet industry cooperation and communication;

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