Taobao blue, blue whale Easy Access has opened the application in large quantities by

in order to ensure that all applications, the user quickly through the blue ocean, the Taobao Taobao alliance official comprehensive adjustment plan audit mechanism of blue, blue whale, opened a green channel to ensure that all accounts audit, quickly approved, as of today has opened hundreds of applicants, the owners plan blue ocean blue whale authority, due to the rapid assessment mechanism is no longer issued daily audit notice, directly in the best league to landing.

is released quickly joined Taobao blue, blue whale plan Easy Access as follows;

blue ocean plan: or selection of excellent union landing registration button and then to the registration process, please note that the blue ocean plan is no threshold, but you must be in the plan only for all new registered users of Taobao alliance, had previously been in Taobao alliance old account cannot be inherited. Registered address must be W=p_10979813& p=& f= Remember to choose registered advertising alliance and a Taobao search box placed after the record of Taobao alliance in JS PID, for example: mm_10002484_1893745_8688433 (please do not fill in this figure, because this is the case, why a lot of people did not just copy example lead) also note at the end of the PID code is not because of 0_0 this is advertising does not meet the requirements on the record, after the completion of landing outstanding alliance blue ocean plan application form, fill in the details, especially Taobao union JS PID, and the choice of advertising size, size and Taobao alliance choice must be consistent, complete after submission, pending review, complete the examination of general 8-12 hours. The audit by the user will be included in the category of blue ocean plan of Taobao alliance directly registered in an official Taobao alliance account opened into the blue ocean plan of high authority, later add more advertising add please login excellent League increased advertising position, Taobao union official for submission of advertising is most suitable for the delivery of various respectively open sharing mode (1-3 days).

Blue Plan: outstanding alliance or login register button, and then to the registration process, please note that the blue whale plan needs your site, PV is more than fifty thousand, you can be a new user may be old users but because the income is not ideal to cancel the delivery, delivery is need to add new advertising. If you are a newly registered user, the registered address must also be W=p_10979813& p=& f=h>

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