75 best Web design resources of the year

this is a set of Web from the TOXEL design resources Daquan, including fonts, CSS resources, Logo design resources, icons, design inspiration, tutorials, Photoshop material download, and WordPress resources. Each category contains dozens of sets of specific resources under the category, may be the ultimate resource for Web design. Strongly recommended!




– 60 sets of companies with design fonts [Smashing Magazine]

– 20 sets of free handwritten fonts with resources [Fuel Your Creativity]

– 50 sets of professional Web design and print fonts [Noupe]

– 15 sets of beautiful high quality free fonts [Smashing Magazine]

– 21 sets of art fonts from [Designflavr]


– design professionals use 7 sets of best fonts [Just Creative Design]

– 45 set in line with the trend of modern design free beautiful fonts [Six Revisions]



– 50 powerful CSS utility [Smashing Magazine]

– 30 CSS Web Design Resources]

[All gift

– CSS editor evaluation [Smashing Magazine]

– CSS master of the 10 principles [NETTUTS]

– 2008 best CSS design (Chinese) [Web Designer Wall]

– 40 CSS generator [All Web Design Resources]

– reset your CSS [Six Revisions]

– clean code to achieve the 12 law (Chinese) [Smashing Magazine]

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