Skyline announced the completion of the repurchase of shares held by Google will enter the overseas

March 31st, according to foreign media reports, the Tianya community on Wednesday for the first time disclosed, has been completed by the end of last year, Google shares held by the company. And said it would open an office in Singapore and the United States in the first half of this year to enter the overseas market.

it was revealed that before the repurchase, Google shares held by less than 10% of the shares, but declined to disclose the amount involved in repurchase.

Tianya online chairman and CEO Xing Ming said in an interview with foreign media, there are currently about 20% of the flow from overseas. In Singapore and the United States respectively set up the office of Silicon Valley radiation to Southeast Asia and North American market.

skyline has always been low-key in terms of capital operation, since the establishment of a total of only two financing totaling more than ten million yuan, the investment side of the Association for investment and venture capital. Analysts believe that foreign ownership in the domestic market will have some impact on the repurchase of shares held by Google will pave the way for the end of the horizon in the domestic gem listing. But Ming said that the company does not have a listing plan.

Google has worked with the end of the world community launched the horizon Q & A and Tianya two products. But in the last year, Google announced its withdrawal from China, also announced the end of the horizon to the world and the question and answer technical support. Currently these two products by the end of the independent operation.

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