Jiubang digital Zhang Xiangdong no international, or die why do we want to buy GetJar

Author: Zhang Xiangdong

, President of digital jiubang

background: jiubang digital (Nasdaq:GOMO) recently the price of $5 million 300 thousand acquisition of mobile advertising network GetJar California private ownership, payment of cash. Prior to the acquisition, jiubang digital’s business includes global users of GO series, for domestic users jiubang literature and 3G portal business. GetJar was founded in 2004, headquartered in San Francisco, USA, is the world’s leading mobile application distribution platform.

on Wednesday morning, starting from the U.S. technology blog GigoOM broke the news, my phone rings almost never broken.

but can’t say anything until he has made a formal announcement, so he doesn’t answer the phone. Now the news released, I can speak jiubang digital SUNGY behind MOBILE GetJar acquisition of the event logic.

international, or die

Jiubang digital

is now one of the most important value, is the pattern of the mobile Internet industry, the share of international locations. Do not continue to expand the advantages of internationalization, our value will decline, this is what I have always insisted.

first, the mobile Internet is a natural globalization.

this is a very different place for mobile Internet and traditional desktop internet. In the computer age, although we always say that the Internet without borders, but its business development will still be subject to language and national boundaries. To develop a new regional market, often to open a branch in the local, or find a local partner, in order to be relatively smooth, unable to form an effective channel of communication at the global level. But now App Store and Google Play and other major applications market, the most complex global distribution to get the. Developers only need to launch the corresponding language version, a good application will rise in the world. Through App Store and Google Play powerful distribution channels, an application in the global mobile Internet penetration rate, far more than the desktop Internet era. This is a natural international market, the user is only concerned about the experience, do not care about where the developer.

PC internationalization of the Internet is difficult, but the mobile Internet is a natural international. This is the best time for mobile Internet entrepreneurs to go out.

secondly, China’s developers in the mobile Internet market, more advantages.

Why does

say this? It is closely linked to the economic development of the whole region. Compared to developed markets such as Europe and the United States, China’s desktop Internet is relatively backward, which caused a large number of users to skip the popularity of desktop Internet, directly into the mobile Internet era. A lot of people don’t have their own computers, they don’t even use a computer, but they use smart phones. Large user base in the market, user component >

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