China’s fastest growing web site released the top ranked third

May 21st news, the third party Research Institute, iResearch iWebChoice rankings show that dig shellfish network has become one of the fastest growing Internet sites in china.

in iResearch consulting iWebChoice (iResearch network media boutique recommended) home page rankings show that in the latest issue of China’s HOT500 growth rankings, dig Bei network ranked third. In the fastest growing top 5 sites, digging shellfish network is the only financial media. Ari said, iWebChoice data sources mainly from Alexa.

Ari market consulting (iResearch) is a focus on network media, e-commerce, online games and wireless value-added and other new economic field, in-depth study and understanding of consumer behavior and professional market research institutions and Internet industries and traditional industries provide market research and strategic consulting services. IResearch is one of the best professional market research companies in the era of network economy.

Financial news site

dig shellfish net is well-known, focused on coverage of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and can be used for reference to the success of logic, to provide reference and guidance for prospective entrepreneurs, guide the investment risk, is one of the main channels of information Chinese entrepreneurs and corporate executives get.

digs the nets to pay attention to the Chinese commercial new force, and promotes the innovation commercial new force’s growth as the mission. In the media, dig shellfish net mainly reported behind entrepreneurs success logic and way of thinking, failure to entrepreneurs, to help more new commercial power detours.

dig shellfish network to promote entrepreneurship, forward-looking reports for corporate executives to guide the direction of development, providing business opportunities. On the basis of the news, focus on the entrepreneurial process, insight into the background of news, grasp industry trends, the success of further discussion and Research on enterprises and individuals for replication, senior corporate decision makers for Chinese entrepreneurs and the pursuit of entrepreneurship to create Zhifu tools.

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