What is the relationship between SEO and network marketing

SEO and network marketing what kind of relationship? Now there are a lot of network marketing experts from the industry to do SEO origin. So now as long as the first mention of network marketing in the first thought is SEO. SEO has become synonymous with the network marketing. In fact, SEO is just a means of network marketing, it is clear that a technical means. SEO is a part of SEM (search engine marketing). SEM is also divided into paid promotion and SEO. I want to say is that SEO in the network marketing is very small. Now the social division of labor is more and more thin, the SEO as a work independently to the eyes of everyone to cover up. Want to learn network marketing friends must choose their career path, do a good job in career planning.

if you want to become a network marketing experts, some of the other knowledge of network marketing can not be ignored. For example, the most important marketing knowledge. Not to do a IT, out of the school network everywhere is the network marketing knowledge, to become a network marketing experts. You can name the banner of network marketing experts everywhere show off. In fact, these people, but some people even the basic theory of network marketing will not, how to talk about the network marketing experts, even more is that e-commerce experts!

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just learning network marketing friends, to ease down, a little bit needed to learn and exercise knowledge and ability of network marketing. SEO is a must have the ability to do some training institutions, SEO claimed that SEO based learning without, as long as some computer based on OK, they go there, you can pick out the single training, you can become a monthly income of million free occupation. I think after training training institutions should also do a simple test, then in accordance with their aptitude, don’t accept the money. Of course, this is the immature performance of the SEO training market, I hope it will be perfect. Let the network marketing to the country’s economy play a good driving force. (SEO) do you think it is possible that the HTML enthusiasts do not even know the basic language, how to optimize the site for others?. If someone else’s site is done with a table, want to change the structure of the CSS+DIV, the 2 day of the course can learn? There are many problems here do not say. I’ve had enough of this. Hope to give beginners SEO or network marketing friends a little help.

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