Han Han, stationery providers the fans economy can not stay on the laurels on

July 7th news, it is learned that Han Han will set foot in the stationery electricity supplier, with ONE studio to work on Tmall pre-sale stationery products. To Han Han’s popularity and visibility, enough to attract many media and Internet users concerned, celebrity endorsements product is nothing new. But this is not the endorsement of Han Han, but began to participate in the test of water electricity supplier stationery, Han Han still has a large number of 80, 90 young fans in the country. Not only that, before Han Han was in Shanghai to open a line store experience, mainly the sale of some of Han Han’s limited edition T-shirt, pillows and other souvenirs, Han Han began playing fans economy.

this moment, fans will not always loyal

Han Han has a great influence on the generation after 80s. In the high school, the novels of Han Han and Guo Jingming are very popular, but now, the book of which is no longer written by Han Han. But concentrate on playing the car, and in the field of domestic racing has achieved remarkable results. Han Han fans are also more and more, but mainly in the 80 young people based, to tell the truth now 90, after 00 may not be so high awareness of Han Han. Prior to Han Han self timer movie ordinary road box office is very good, but fans will not be the same level. Han Han’s success can not be separated from a background of the times, in other words, Han Han’s fans will not always pursue him.

Han Han involved in stationery electricity supplier, seize the pain points of fans

Han Han chose stationery products, no doubt is to use their own popularity in the student population, why such a writer as Han Han, such as the long sought after by the student groups in the United States, such as the pursuit of the. The reason is very simple, and now less and less time for adults to read, especially like Han Han, Guo Jingming’s novel type. But in recent years the network’s popular, many middle-aged people are reading comprehension, cultivation class network novel. Han Han fans will become increasingly weak, and stationery products is precisely the rigid needs of this part of the fan group. So Han Han is to seize the pain point of the Han powder.

fans blindly consumer psychology, not for the product

said with appreciation of Han Han’s literary talent, rather than appreciate Han Han’s personality charm, fans prone to blind worship of idols. It is easier to pay for the fans blindly, for example, when Han Han is preparing to make a film, many of the fans are concerned about the Han Han. Over the years has been more optimistic about Han Han, it is not necessary to go back to buy a movie ticket. So Han Han’s "ordinary road" can get a good box office, it is all to the idol face, and not be too concerned about the film itself artistic level, not to mention Han Han’s maiden works.

but the fans economy can not stay in the rest on our laurels, Han Han and Guo Jingming will be out of date, with more and more weak, star related products will be directly affected. Unless it is the accumulation of new fans, users, Han Han test the water electricity supplier, how long can fire, it is estimated that the fans have to see how much enthusiasm of the Han Han. As ordinary consumers, we should be concerned about the product itself, rather than blindly for idol >

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