According to the function of nternet marketing occasion how free implementation of input and output

in all marketing methods, marketing occasion why popular? It certainly cannot do without its own characteristics: the cost is almost zero, the benefit characteristics of marketing occasion is immeasurable! Well is zero cost by huge marketing value, do bad or anything lost.

thanks to the Internet, he gave people the maximum benefit of "free" this zero cost.

Okamoto, Durex of "material" information fast grab

May 13, 2014, Han Han released a new movie and his most relevant "micro-blog storm shooting, a thinner passion series feeling", and then with a pair of ultra-thin raincoat wearing suggested photos, "thin" and "passion" immediately caught up to their eyeballs, after a minute netizens began to laugh, "Durex", "thinner more cool", Durex operations team is also the fastest time in the given brand promotion of their own, Han Han forwarded this micro-blog, and gives the "Yue Yue thin, ridicule fun", which "Yue" with the title of National Father Han Han, "thin" and raincoats, condoms are related, and "fun" is more deeply with Durex "and" nested.

then, Okamoto second present, thread on Durex released micro-blog: "well, thank you!" because of Okamoto’s flagship brand concept is "thin".

Han Han, a seemingly casual micro-blog, eventually bring forward 35 thousand, among which, Durex and Okamoto brand ability to quickly grab correlation information play an indelible effect.

Lan Xiang and Philippine love marketing story

September, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse broke the legend of rekindling stories, entertainment, life circle, social media, marketing operations and so on are not willing to give up such a big gimmick, can be regarded as the old tradition, the successful marketing of brand Lan Xiang and taking a fire, they give the post is: in 2000 when the first public affair when Faye Wong was 31 years old, Nicholas Tse is 20 years old, Faye Wong is 1.55 times as old as Nicholas Tse. In 2014, two people at the 45 year old Faye Wong, a broken mirror joined together, Nicholas Tse is 34 years old, Faye Wong is 1.32 times as old as Nicholas Tse. Now the question is: a time series convergence function for the two age ratio and calendar year. Two, the matter to Cecilia Cheung, Li Yapeng left no small psychological shadow, how much is the shadow area, three, if the use of excavators to fill the shadow area, then I would like to ask, which excavator technology strong?


statement step by step, clutching the user psychology, his sonorous, until finally leads to years ago, the slogan "China Shandong for Lan Xiang".

this is a successful marketing occasion.

we can get from the above two cases are: taking advantage of the marketing costs are zero, one of the best representatives of free Internet products; marketing occasion requires a keen sense of smell and will contact the hot spot and its own brand can.

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