Discussion on how to make your soft Wen is a large number of media reprint

to make you write the soft Wen can be favored by the media, the media is reproduced, do the following may be enough:

a, modification method. After writing the soft, I feel that some of the improper, and then modify the publication again. Of course, if you change a few words, then advise you not to publish. Here is a modification of some of the viewpoints in your article, some of the arguments on the drama may not be corrected properly, finally figured out. Correction range to be slightly larger, not only modify a few typos understanding is modified. After you have modified it, publish it again, and indicate the error and modify it. In order to achieve the reader’s trust in you, and make you this article again to play the soft.

two, phrasing. If your article is a bit longer, you can do it without a single release, and split it into several parts. This can also make your life longer soft. Read some of the readers will look forward to the next part of the content, did not read the previous part but read the latter part of the reader will be looking for your previously published content. This is not the former part of the cold, but also to play a greater role in the latter part of his.

three, transfer method. You can not once in all the soft Wen published, you only published in some web site. Then, after a period of time and then publish to other sites. But the best is not the same type of site, because the same site readers are almost the same. After the publication of a web site, this type of reader should have read almost all of them, so once again you will be published on another type of site. The effect of the transfer of soft text to another reader there.

four, analysis and evaluation method. Your article published after a certain time, you can write something about this article review, or comment on something like this. The first is to improve the communication; the two is to attract more new readers to read.

five, popular current affairs. You can focus on hot events, the latest hot topic or popular knowledge production special "abstract" and "comment", strong to increase the flow effect.

six, joint soft grammar. For example, "stone interaction" has the characteristics, in addition to the establishment of a writing group, spread the brand, can also set up a special website, blog or forum, has created new topic from the forum.

combined with the characteristics of soft text: Joint writing, mutual promotion, or mutual distribution. On the issue of distribution, you can clear division of labor, each person to write a good, responsible for the 35 sites and forums, there are ten authors, the spread of the article on the expansion of ten times.

speak above six points, we hope to better understand the better way. In this paper, by the www.lunce.net station on policy first reprint please leave links, thank you! Network marketing research center exchange QQ group: 86170962 welcome to reprint, copyright @ | reprint please indicate the source and a link to

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