Why more and more people choose the local WeChat public number

local WeChat operations, this for us, the operation of the local WeChat has many benefits. From the current market supply and demand point of view, the trend of our local WeChat public number is less than the demand, so that if we develop in this area, then we are able to get what they need to profit.

so why do we have so many people choose the local public number, the local public number and what profit channels do we do when the local WeChat public number, should choose what area?

first: the local public number profit source

for the local WeChat public numbers, our main source of income is not our advertising, but between us and the activities of businesses. To tell the truth, in the early time, we can not earn much money, after all we need is our initial amount of fans, only when the amount of fans we to do, so we have to discuss the price promotion and business cooperation.

is now more likely to cooperate with the business, so that the public food category. For us, one of the most idle away in seeking pleasure, cannot do without is to eat, eat every day we cannot do without the topic. Then we do the delicacy class public number, it is able to attract a lot of attention to chowhound. We usually discount shopping malls which we will go shopping, if we set up a chowhound group, free tasting. Premise is concerned about our WeChat public number. So there will be a lot of people to pay attention to.

for us, do good food advertising is also good. If we do the national promotion advertising, then for us for our quality is a great influence. Fans may be a lot of attention to cancel. But do local food is completely different, and we generally promote the food is nothing more than a photo, profile and our address contact, etc.. This is also the chowhound must understand. If you are just a brief introduction to the dishes, do not say the specific address, then if we want to eat to find who?

may have a lot of fans will share their circle of friends to expand our exposure. May have been promoted people will find that not only will not reduce the fans, but also because of the promotion to attract a lot of new fans.

second: local WeChat public number material source

for the local WeChat, we are the contents of the hair is happening around us. Maybe someday you will happen on something, but also very concerned about the people, you are on the spot in the side, it is likely that the news has not yet exposed the first time you exposed out. This is the timeliness of the news. Now who’s the first time the news exposure, so long means that the greater the exposure of his content. Even if you’re a few minutes late, your exposure will be much less.

the contents of our local micro signal can be derived from

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