Ali mother user experience (two) – buy advertising

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

            two days ago to talk about Ali’s mother’s user experience, mainly to say that the user registration. So after registration landing, of course, is the beginning of the sale of advertising. So today to buy advertising page.

            eager to click to buy advertising links, suddenly a huge advertising video thing greets, didn’t see the real business function there, I use 1280*1024 to see the view today recommended advertising for really want to buy advertising, a don’t see, and then I switched to 1024*768, faint! The entire page is only one video advertising, even classified ads can not see, of course, as the first use of the video advertising Ali mother really need, is also a must, this is useless question, but the size of the space is not worth discussing? And that the gray button is relatively large, but still not obvious, of course, after the closure, the effect is still good oh!

            my suggestion: consider the text part of the reservation, and then reduce the video part, all advertising category stitching, reasonable occupy that space, after all, the page space is limited, is a lot to say something. You can do a survey, look at the amount of video hits, and click on the effect of the comprehensive assessment of the value of the video on there.

            see below to view today recommended advertising column, and Taobao is strikingly similar to that of course is good for striking, advertising a snapshot, advertising information, sort combination… Clear!

          click on one of the advertising, advertising into the details page, including billing, advertising, traffic statistics, sellers, past transactions, information is very rich, very comprehensive, but there are 2 suggestions about the rich.

            1: advertising page, I see this information only through advertising, you can see the name of other advertising links 2 aspects reflected here, if someone deliberately concealed, there will be part of the purchase of advertising users deceived the station, advertising, "

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