Exaggerated micro marketing see success stories every day

do you behind the Internet, electric fire for ten years, is now the micro business of the era, you do not do the micro business? XXX by doing business, a monthly income of 700 thousand micro operations WeChat earned 1 million, public number, and believe that this example we see more, the original micro then taking the fire, the original mobile Internet has in me, don’t do it behind.

micro business is when the fire up, we all know that this year only to fire up (moving small sellers – micro business in July this year, the word appears). With the micro business fiery, there has been a new term, which is micro marketing (Baidu encyclopedia appeared in July this year). It was officially placed on the table is about 4 months, but for traditional businesses, we feel: micro business has been a trend which cannot be halted not to engage in mobile Internet, you’ll fall behind. What are we gonna do? Hurry up and get it started. Specifically how to do, anyway, are groping.


open the computer, the phone connected to the network. What we see is a successful case: how many million monthly income. Open WeChat, we see the most is the mask. Circle of friends show products, then a few trading map, several agents feedback. Wow, the original money is so simple, the original micro business so good. Housewives, mothers, vagrant Yiwofeng open mobile phone: micro business. How do I do what others do.

yesterday before the start of the wisdom of the industry alliance exchange, and several leaders of the wisdom of the industry alliance chat. One person in charge said, now micro marketing force is very large, we should not find a few big V to help push the "win * enjoy the future workplace trials quickly spread the information out?. In fact, for through the V to push this way, guard Yuan Kun has been holding point of view is: the choice of V and their industry is about? If so where is Never mind, like? You are selling pork, vegetables delicious or not to say your problem. What do you think?

we are based on network marketing, is the hope that through the Internet to achieve their own marketing purposes. Take a piece of information we see as an example: without any software, no advertising information. One day a friend more than 300+, want to know a friend add my QQ1029079293, validation: add friends. See this news, many of my friends thought a day and 300 friends, also do not have any software, without any advertising. Hurry up and look at him, the final result is what? I believe that a lot of friends do have to understand.

The successful case of

on the Internet too much, the most successful case is a smokescreen for marketing members throw it, plus some operators of exaggeration. As a monthly income of 100 thousand. If it costs you 100 thousand, a monthly income of 100 thousand is equal to 0, if your cost is 110 thousand, the monthly income of 100 thousand, you still envy? Well, said simply, a monthly income of ten thousand. So >

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