WeChat marketing, looks very beautiful

chat software, social platform, about gun artifact, electronic business platform"…… With the number of users and growing activity, while the public account function after emergence, WeChat marketing value level gradually rises, WeChat has added a "marketing platform" this definition, WeChat marketing has become a hot technology".

but, WeChat is really a good marketing platform? WeChat marketing can have much effect?

seemingly powerful marketing channels

from the drift bottle began, WeChat in a perfect copy of the QQ drift bottle this feature, but also copied its marketing genes. Then, circle of friends, so that more diversified interactive mode of WeChat pictures, but also more conducive to show marketing information. The emergence of WeChat’s public platform will undoubtedly WeChat’s marketing value to a new height.

it is worth mentioning that, since the launch of WeChat so far, the value of marketing has been unlimited discussion, but the success of the case is somewhat rare. Was mentioned more only Starbucks push, Durex, and China Merchants Bank Peiliao album "love drift bottles" the ten activities.

at the same time, the visibility is not as good as the typical case of micro-blog spread. More importantly, the lack of effective third party data support, it is difficult to determine the final marketing results.

more concern is in addition to China Merchants Bank, other brands are starting to WeChat public platform for marketing, although the means of diversification, but I guess most of the old users to send marketing messages to mobile phone users, new / potential users are not mainstream information coverage. After all, in addition to the old users, the public platform in the case of the enterprise, the new user / potential users to pay attention to a little bit difficult.

if the public account marketing effect is not good, it does not matter, WeChat prepared for you a public account.

2013, a large number of public accounts as a platform from the media, WeChat marketing more new model. Natural stampede in enterprises.

but a lot of companies, since the media (known) rarely, so the quality of the content has become a problem. Since the majority of media content can be output to an article used before to see in a word: "the Internet is not the lack of homogeneity of the content, if only one person to write a topic, this is very valuable, if a bunch of people to write, I’m sorry, the last is spam." After all, from the media, if there is no independent point of view, unique perspective, it is difficult to cause the user attention.

In addition to

, the reader’s ability to enhance the ability to distinguish news and soft news is also difficult to succeed in the media marketing reasons. For example, I was watching this article friends, if the title of this article is called "XX" China Internet application has become the most influential or "data show XX success into the first camp XX industry"…… Sorry, I really do not know how to give the title of soft wen. Water >

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