Fast food industry how fast the world

when you were sitting in a McDonald’s eating hamburgers and drinking coke in an afternoon, did you find that you can’t live without such a fast food service?. It seems that wherever you go, you or your friends are always surrounded by a wide variety of fast food restaurants that you know or are not familiar with.

In fact,

fast food have already entered China, but the real prosperity is popular thanks to people of Western fast food KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and other popular enthusiasm. As the name suggests, the original intention of fast food diet is to meet the fast pace of life in the desire of people. Since the beginning of reform and opening up to now, our social development by leaps and bounds, a thousand li a day on all aspects of demand, increase. This demand is the inevitable product of the times, and the emergence of fast food just to meet the needs of the people, by the public widely accepted logical.

as KFC in November 1987, the first store in Beijing, this move not only brought about the standardization of Western fast food, but also the introduction of the chain business model to china. In 1994, Quanjude Group set up company, promotion of chain operation mode, the development of domestic catering industry has become a landmark event. Then, in 1996 to 2000 food and beverage companies began large-scale use of chain operation mode expansion, the Chinese catering market has entered a period of vigorous development, the rapid expansion of catering enterprises speed also reflects the market demand. It is precisely this opportunity to bring fast food into the spring.

it is well known that the purpose of people’s first choice of fast food is a word – fast, because it can save more time to do more things to improve efficiency. But how fast food is in such a tight rhythm of the steady and not to meet all the needs of the customer? Xiaobian summed up the following several reasons:

1 professional, model of the branch business model. This model is not only conducive to the unity of the decoration, the standard service to create a fast food brand effect, but also easy for consumers to accept and form a consensus. For example, consumers now have to form a fixed KFC of all types of people, but they can seek and achieve their goals in KFC.

The idea of

2, diversified marketing mode. Whether it is Chinese fast food or western style fast food, have a common task and purpose is to sell their products to the public. Therefore, a variety of fast food advertising we can not only get from newspapers, leaflets, but also from radio, television and other media access. This seems to be scattered but covering the country’s marketing strategy does achieve its desired results.

3 network imperfect attempt but the net has unexpected wealth. Nowadays, there is one thing in Shanghai, coupons, Shenzhen, Beijing and other large city, is the consumer through the landing shop official website or download their required professional network coupons restaurant coupons, which not only can eat delicacy also offers the purpose of consumption. Such a way of consumption

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