618 electricity rush Analysys data tell you who the cheapest home appliance

6.18 business in full swing, the major electricity providers have resorted to ace marketing strategies to attract tourists for the online shopping market, in the face of dazzling promotions, for consumers, must have a pair of "piercing eye" to buy their favorite cheap and affordable goods. The occasion is yesterday, the domestic authoritative data research firm Analysys think tank released the first domestic "Chinese appliances development report", the report of the use of "user radar" third party monitoring system respectively, Jingdong, suning.com Gome online right now is the price war of the three major electricity supplier of home appliances category key discount rate were monitored in order to let consumers see, low-cost electricity supplier "truth".

from the report since the beginning of June, the category of washing machine, Gome online discount rate is the lowest, followed by suning.com, the Jingdong does not fall; the refrigerator category, Gome online discount rate is still the lowest, and since May 25th, prices continued to decline trend, Jingdong prices trend obvious, Suning decline is not large; color TV Gome online category, the price is far lower than the Jingdong, suning.com. See the report of small partners simply shocked!

Gome online really cheap data to buy electricity can be used to buy smart

focus interview with the facts speak, electricity supplier is really cheap to listen to the data speak. Small see, Analysys think tank, Suning, Gome online Jingdong, three home appliance giant in washing machine, refrigerator and television category compared the discount rate, the reaction is the discount on the appliance platform. Online on behalf of the United States on behalf of Jingdong, blue, red, yellow on behalf of suning.com.

Xiaobian surprise by Analysys data curve can be seen in suning.com’s discount rate curve is much higher than that of the other two, and in June before and after the change is not large, the price is not secretive and generous; the discount rate of the Jingdong in June before the big Pro trend is from low to high, a large Pro propaganda is the price, but the price increases; while the United States online regardless of the category in which the discount rate has been lower than the Jingdong and Suning, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning three categories of the discount rate is the lowest, and there is a clear downward trend after June 1st. Small by Analysys think tank data found that the United States online is really cheap!

if you do not believe their own eyes, you can buy the product through the United States and the United States compared to other intelligent electricity supplier of goods, which is the lowest commodity in the end. Smart shopping has been Gome online promotional war killer, as long as consumers purchase merchandise page smart mouse click button, the system will automatically display the commodity, Suning much lower than Jingdong.


small test smart shopping found a SHARP 60 inch TV Jingdong, Gome online price of 8999 yuan, only 4999 yuan, the difference reached 4000 yuan, nearly 50 percent off, 1511 yuan lower than the Jingdong refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioning low 1900 yuan, low 500>

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