March eight group purchase dispute Gaopeng by peers accused of plagiarism.

network group purchase group since 2010, the day the group purchase website in China, domestic group purchase website is now open to the thousands, the rise is a thousand li a day. In the face of the group purchase website a superb collection of beautiful things, irregular, followed by a question and a variety of disputes. Group buying network found since March, eight controversial event of concern:

1, Tencent Gaopeng has been accused of plagiarism.

as the originator of the domestic Internet tycoon group purchase and Tencent cooperation Gaopeng in March 16th launched the first single group purchase project, the highly controversial, first by peer referring to the "dismal turnover", after being accused of copying its own rice network group purchase project original copy, Groupon into China launch Gaopeng can lose the first battle.

CEO accused micro-blog nuomi Gaopeng plagiarism

2, Ctrip pay compensation does not include the double standard double cited controversy

last March Ctrip had announced to the public, consumers, such as online booking of hotels in China, Ctrip lowest price guarantee. Under the same conditions, if the guests found Ctrip price higher than other online price, Ctrip will pay three times the difference in the guests. Lee, who works in Beijing, found that he is scheduled to be in Shanghai Ctrip Cheung Hotel, the price of 399 yuan, while he was in the same hotel where to buy the same room, only need $298. As a result, Mr. Lee made a claim to Ctrip, but was rejected. The other said that the group does not belong to the commitment category. Consumers Association, said consumers have the right to buy claims.

3, Gaopeng prize promotion or illegal and controversial

law pointed out that by Groupon and Tencent joint venture group purchase website Groupon, presented in Beijing in March 16th launched the first single product in the ring has more than 5000 yuan limit value, the relevant laws and regulations, suspected violations. This is officially opened after the second friends had been criticized, glutinous rice nets CEO Shen Boyang through personal micro-blog accused the first single product Gaopeng Shun King hot sticky web copy copy.

4, 2 million to buy a domain name to test the waters to buy navigation cited controversy company to spend 2 million to buy the domain name, group purchase site navigation, but the domain name was frozen nearly 2 years after the re enabled to do group purchase site navigation, triggering the industry controversy. The industry renowned commentator in the wind micro-blog comment, he believes that spend 2 million to buy a domain name to buy navigation website is a waste of resources. "Hundreds of thousands of domestic group purchase website, a navigation site if you just do a simple link, it is difficult to attract traffic effectively, it is difficult to attract stable customers, no customers, it is difficult to reflect the value of the site."

5, second regiment orders over 10000 Gaopeng: return the first single result of common dispute

March 17th, Groupon launched second single group purchase in Beijing and Shanghai.

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