Taobao denied the system can be paid to delete the poor assessment will be closed shop

NetEase Francisco November 5th news, recently, Chongqing high tech Zone police recently uncovered illegal websites for Taobao to delete bad seller fraud cases, criminals lied through technical means to help sellers to delete bad. In response to this Taobao, do not believe that the name of the name of the name of the company to delete the line of fraud outside the real website fraud.

in the online shopping process, the buyer is not satisfied with the goods or services can be given a negative evaluation, that is, the so-called poor. This is a seller’s lifeline, will directly affect the credibility of the shop, or even being swept out operators". Chongqing high tech Zone police found that criminals are taking advantage of the seller eager to eliminate the bad record of psychology, to create a poor review of the pipeline".

this case, criminals through the collection of buyers of personal information, forgery, modify passwords and other buyers of Alipay line services, let the poor mysteriously disappeared. Each deleted a bad review, the seller to pay 100 – $300 reward.

Taobao responded that the online claims can be modified by paying poor reviews, the vast majority of fraud. Taobao remind Taobao sellers, do not believe that the name of the name of the name of the name of the line to delete the real world of fraud fraud shop. Once found, Taobao will do a serious deal, for the behavior of stealing user accounts, will be involved in the direct seizure of the shop.

Taobao said that consumers once found their own assessment of abnormal, you can immediately contact with Taobao, after verification will be deleted to restore the evaluation.

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