Jingdong by the holiday door as the country’s first 24 hour electricity supplier companies

eleven holiday has passed, before the news reports for Golden Week "home online shopping" golden week of online shopping hot — a whoop and a holler! But is really so?! we know this.

based on two reasons can explain, online shopping popular saying, just Overgeneralization.

1, golden week triggered a wave of consumer spending, it is true, but if it is because of a golden week, online shopping how the fire, which is not necessarily. Online shopping has been called "home consumption", and the golden week Zhairen believe a lot, but I believe that both the Internet business or personal shop, are more or less for their holiday time, updating the site management will be reduced accordingly. The information will be updated on a daily basis, the website is also a lot less news, but not update is a problem, not to mention the shop and the like?

2, express this is the most important reason. The eleven holiday, many courier companies also holiday, according to the relevant knowledge, courier companies are willing to leave, is the cause of holiday single less, but still have to pay the courier work if even double the salary of three times, various considerations, rather than employees. And it is precisely because of this, the courier does not go to work, the number of holidays can be sent to a single, just scheduled, it can be regarded as holiday shopping hot?!

does not say, said the two can prove that, as reported online shopping and holiday inside is claimed, the Jingdong and customer service "holiday" what? What is the Jingdong’s "holiday"


simple to say, is not a holiday for the Jingdong said during the eleven netizens service, and users want to go from mentioning goods said since the delivery points out the "fault", so it is called "the user is not a holiday for promotion is" lip-service".

According to Jingdong

mall said, Beijing Tongzhou from the delivery point is due to the property building closed, elevator outage and other issues, on October 1st to 3 during the period to provide users from door-to-door delivery service, Jingdong mall also notified by telephone user orders before the national day.

Jingdong is true is due to these problems? In fact, this argument is acceptable, after all such things during the holiday is very real, but it is the Jingdong that has played a "eleven holiday service" slogan, so some have to consider whether it? Like two vacations said above, you can not guarantee the holiday online shopping consumption will grow much, but the real costs of salaries is placed in front of the holiday, if it is several times the cost of wages growth, then as company managers consider that the holiday is a must, moreover the Jingdong can take into account the logistics however, the same work, express the cost compared to weekdays for growth. Supplier sourcing and personnel cooperation…… And so on all aspects of the content needs to be considered, and these uncertainties are the reasons for the decline in customer experience. Commitment to this thing, not only in interpersonal communication needs to play a pivotal role in the business

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