Jiang Pingzhong micro-blog marketing ten marketing skills

micro-blog marketing is just launched a network marketing, because with the fiery micro-blog, both spawned a marketing approach, that is, micro-blog marketing. The meager marketing to micro-blog as a marketing platform, every audience (fans) are potential target marketing, each enterprise can be in Sina, the NetEase registered a micro-blog, then use to update their mini blog users to spread enterprise product information, establish a good corporate image and product image. Below, Jiang Pingzhong talk about micro-blog marketing ten marketing skills:

1, the number of micro-blog is not much but in the fine

some people when he founded micro-blog, did not start positioning theme, micro-blog today think this site is very good, set up a micro-blog user, may feel the theme of micro-blog good tomorrow, also set up a. The construction and operation of the site micro-blog is somewhat similar, personal webmaster always think this is good for the exchange, a also did not succeed. We do micro-blog also want to pay attention to attention, because of a personal energy is limited, out of order content will only be a waste of time and energy, so we should do fine, smitten will achieve good results.

2, personalized name

a good micro-blog name is not only convenient for users to remember, you can also get a good search traffic. This and our individual owners take the name of the site is similar to that of good website names such as Baidu, Taobao, and so are the happy net is very simple to remember. Of course, if we set up a business micro-blog, ready to micro-blog marketing, then you can take the name of the enterprise, product name or personality name as micro-blog’s user name.

3, clever use of template

general micro-blog platform will provide a number of templates to the user, we may choose to meet the characteristics of the industry in line with the style, so more appropriate micro-blog content. Of course, if you have the ability to design a set of templates with their own characteristics is also a good choice.

4, the use of search search, view and their own content

Each micro-blog

platform will have its own search function, we can use this function has been released on his own topic search, check your content ranking, compared with other micro-blog content. Micro-blog can see the number of comments, forwarding times, as well as the number of keywords mentioned, so you can understand the marketing effect of micro-blog.

5, regularly updated micro-blog information


platform to release information frequency is not too limited, but for marketing, micro-blog’s heat and attention from micro-blog’s sustainable topic, we will continue to create new topics, publishing and business-related information, to attract target customers attention. We just sent the information may soon be covered by the information behind, in order to attract long-term attention to customers, micro-blog must be regularly updated, so as to ensure the sustainable development of micro-blog. Of course, for a long time, "

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