2014 have you joined the circle

2014 a few days, to the end of each time, the heart is all sorts of taste, with the passage of time, even hope that time can be static, time really is faster than expected, when the school always think what time can graduate, what time to be able to participate in the work, is looking forward to working in the blink of an eye, has been working for more than 6 years, anyway, we should seriously every minute, every second, carefully read the following, may let you walk less than 10 years of detours, 1 million of the value of the share (mainly red) dry cargo, goods is 10 times larger than the health care market.

Wu Longjie will be a kind of marketing, and we talk about this year’s hottest today marketing circles, various circles, various kinds of alliance, will, even a lot of 90 are beginning to make the circle, let us too much to handle these 80, is short of money or money, cheap expensive fee for hundreds of years in circles, tens of thousands there, Wu Longjie believes that the value of the circle is infinite, even if you charge 100 thousand or even higher, as long as they can provide real value to the members of the circle, it is reasonable.

to tell the truth, Wu Longjie is also very love marketing circles, in today’s Internet, no contacts, no circle, no communication on the Internet to mix things does have a certain degree of difficulty, there are even Internet giants cooperation each other, and we these grass root (too much money), a person to do a hao123 this awesome station of the era of the past, want to on the Internet in the future, to mix mixed far and mixed for a long time, you need to circle, contacts and exchanges, a person hard, behind closed doors will let you take many detours, you may have had this experience, a very simple let us set error for 2 days to find the answer, maybe someone else’s word, a little share will let us inspired, "Oh, oh, this is the original" or issue such a sigh You can insist on a person 5 years to complete things, through the circle may only need to be completed in 1 or 2 years.

so many circles, have done well, but some of these are purely scams, Wu Longjie think this circle is more meaningful,

The first

, founder of the circle to have special skills or have unique skills to circle the regular lectures, sharing his experience, can solve the problem of specific groups.

second, to hold a weekly meeting, the members of the circle in turn to share, everyone has their own advantages, share it, we learn the advantages of others.

third, push each other, a person’s resources are limited, can also affect the limited number of people, but if each member of the circle can be interconnected with each other, then you will be affected by the amplification of n times.

fourth, regular line gathering, the next line of the gathering is also very important, the purpose is to allow members of the circle of more in-depth exchanges, while many of the cooperation is to talk about the next line.

fifth, the depth of cooperation among the members, now find fellow and >

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