CNNC suspension of overseas CN domain name registration spam dropped sharply

according to the "February report" shows the status of Symantec spam, due to suspension of the new.Cn CNNIC overseas domain name registration, so that they have time to implement better processes, results, compared with December last year, January website called.Cn spam dropped more than half.

to increase the number of domain name registration from the domain name registration of 1 yuan, to suspend the registration and strict filing,.Cn domain name of spam decreased significantly, the relevant policies have emerged after the first loose tight phenomenon. In February 23rd last year in December to suspend the personal domain name registration, and the Ministry of Industry issued a notice to further implement the site record information authenticity verification work. Clear regulations, units and individuals can be used as the site sponsor, management policy on personal domain name and personal website clear, open personal domain name registration. The individual can be used as the site sponsor, but the need to provide the verification certificate, and clear the site record information authenticity verification, audit process. It can be seen that the relevant regulatory agencies are actively exploring an effective regulatory model that does not affect the vitality of the Internet, but also promote the development of the network. There netizens worry about personal registration problem, believe that in the process of implementation, to find a personal website owners and management mechanism and the development of the industry, are favorable mode, both parties and interests.

attached: Symantec released February spam status report, the relevant content:

CNNIC suspension of new registration of overseas.Cn domain name, a sharp decline in spam

at the beginning of January, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced the suspension of the new.Cn domain name registration overseas. The move gives them time to implement better processes to verify the registration information from overseas. This is followed by the middle of December 2009 to submit additional documents, CNNIC to take another relevant measures.

compared with December last year, the domain name for.Cn’s spam dropped more than half. In addition, the end of January, this figure had dropped sharply.


‘s total number of spam emails fell sharply in 2008 after the McColo was closed. But over the next few months, the number of spam has increased steadily and reached the level before the company closed. Therefore, now announced that it was premature.Cn domain spam. But in any case, this shows that some measures to reduce the threat of spam has played a positive role.