Who gave Deng Ya Ping such a bold and then lost 5 billion

Abstract: 2 years ago the 2 billion although the rumors had the rumor, but the shadow is not far away, now it’s genuine goods at a fair price 5 billion size of the market will make the capital operation, "the three words of Deng Ya Ping" has become a burden to



this article is very long, you need to spend at least 10 minutes, but it is definitely worth your patience to read, it should be so far, the most worthy of Deng Ya Ping read a special report.

"only defeated 2 billion, but also to lose another 5 billion?"

"who gave Deng Ya Ping so much courage, and then lost 5 billion?"

has an honorary degree does not necessarily understand business management, who would dare to be her investment?

"will put 50 billion under soldout"

within 2 years after the claim, disband, the fastest 1 and a half years "

"I bet she won’t be 1 years,"


although there are a lot of encouragement, look forward to, is the envy of a puzzled, but the network soon appeared diversiform users questioned.

on the morning of October 30th, the first report of the titanium media reported that Deng Ya Ping entered the circle of investment, Henan Province, the official media also issued a confirmation of the Henan provincial government level. October 2016, the Deng Ya Ping team and the Central Plains equity investment co sponsored the establishment of the sports industry investment fund (hereinafter referred to as the fund) in Henan province. It is reported that Deng Ya Ping sports industry fund plan to raise the total size of 5 billion yuan, the first phase of the scale of 500 million yuan, the main investment in the sports industry chain, will be raised and operated in a market-oriented manner.

first investment in her first hailun scale is such a big 5 billion. And this is the first Chinese fund to be named after an athlete. This rare to be named after his own VC, Deng Ya Ping is the first half of the glory, but also the latter half of the bet.

a time, various voices have come.

for friends who are concerned, Deng Ya Ping only in a small range of ten people in the WeChat group, said she appreciated this section of the evaluation:

world slander me, bully me, insult me, laugh at me, light, I mean I, bad me, lie to me, how to treat? Just tolerate him, let him, by him, avoid him, his tolerance, respect him, not to him, then you let me see him for several years.

this is the titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan that day in the circle of personal friends of the evaluation of a section of the Deng Ya Ping. In addition, Deng Ya Ping, as always silent, refused to make any comment.

had a "national team" of the 2 billion internet rumors already repeatedly rumor, but the shadow is not far away, now it is genuine goods at a fair price operation of the capital market size of 5 billion, will not let the three words of Deng Ya Ping "has become a burden to