Born alone WeChat, unfamiliar street, exploration can give us the lack of social

Abstract: a city is a forest, every man is a hunter, every woman is a trap. Unfamiliar Street, see friends, impression, same, hug…… In order to solve the people of loneliness to hide, nowhere, they vowed to in this lonely place, a tree bloom Puyalei munda.

what do you know about social networking,


this time, we start from the "social" speak. What is it that we’ve been talking about for so long?

social, Oriental understanding of the connection between people. The connection between people is reflected in social behavior.

in the Internet age, social behavior becomes more diversified. Information interaction between people can be counted as social behavior. Information can be either a text or a body language. Face to face language communication is a social behavior, shaking hands, hugging and other physical communication is also. Forwarding, comments on the network, keep abreast of praise, also belong to social behavior.

under what circumstances will social behavior


everyone has a lonely moment. Do you still remember those things no one to talk to, lying in bed sleepless night? Remember the anger, or grievances have no place to pour? Remember when you want to share the achievements, but no one can you celebrate? Want to get the comfort of others, but no one can give you a shoulder?

when a new generation of educated young people are immersed in "your loneliness, although the loss of glory", I do not know when there will be no thought of loneliness will appear and disappear?


it’s a chain that we can’t escape. From birth to death, peter.

people are social animals, need to express their attitude, need to highlight their personality, need to be recognized by others, need to love and be loved. We need a constant sense of social connectedness.

when the sense of social connection is weak, loneliness will emerge and enhance. At this time we will be a series of social behavior to eliminate loneliness and enhance social connectedness. If someone is in the process of losing the sense of social connection, still do not conduct social behavior, it is easy to evolve into depression and other mental disorders. The east side of the friends have had such an experience.

loneliness is one of the reasons for our social behavior.



economics based on the premise of assuming that everyone is selfish.

assuming everyone is selfish. The East is not a hypothesis, but in junior high school as this axiom runs through life. Justice is self-evident, simple and crude. Everyone under the constraints of the pursuit of their own interests maximization. In the war years, the heroes who sacrificed themselves as a result of Dong Cunrui’s victory in battle. Many people think they are selfless and great