A website unauthorized online play Huo Yuanjia was sentenced to compensate 30 thousand

Shandong, a site without legal authorization to provide the film "Huo Yuanjia" online play, the film "" enjoy the right to network dissemination of information, the Hongkong company sued the site, claims 330 thousand yuan. August 3rd, the Dezhou intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict, the court sentenced the company to compensate the yuan 30 thousand yuan.

"our" stated "if there is infringement, please inform the letter, will be the fastest speed correction", and by the prosecution before a company has not presented to us over there is evidence of the warning, the plaintiff has no right to claim tort liability to us!" The defendant argued that the site is still in trial operation stage, playing the movie "Huo Yuanjia" is used to test the website system, the film "Huo Yuanjia" only provides link services, has not yet constituted infringement. After the trial found that the defendant before the court accepted the case has been deleted on the web page, Huo Yuanjia and cancel the column.