Skyline network said the inflection point time to usher in the outbreak of social business

I personally think, because of the listing of Facebook, China SNS market will usher in another outbreak." When saying this, the sky network ( CEO Lin Tinghan quite excited.

capital markets and investment institutions also excited, Facebook listing is a booster for the miserable conditions in Internet Co.

February 2nd Facebook official IPO, stock code "FB". Although the listing and listing time has not yet been determined, but the amount of $5 billion financing, valuation of $100 billion is still enough to make people heartbeat.

on the horizon, the earliest establishment of the SNS (Social Networking Services, referred to as SNS) sites, whether can expect an equally splendid future? In the upcoming Facebook IPO news, Chinese SNS stocks rose, rose 11.41%, Jiayuan increase was 26.68%.

on the Internet the "quick fish" in the field, the establishment of 7 years is still a "sky net in the development of primary startups". It is understood that the skyline late until the end of last year, began to build sales team.

at the end of 2004, the forest of the second venture, the birth of the skyline. The graduates of the Stanford University served as vice president of sina, apple Chinese business development director, had previously founded over Q network (, China is the largest youth entertainment community).

after the (NYSE: RENN) has been listed in the "sky net is a niche market instead of popular entertainment market." Lin Tinghan has said on micro-blog, its positioning is the elite professional social platform (business social network, referred to as BSNS). This position had led the LinkedIn in the wake of the financial crisis a thriving.


BSNS is not a niche market.

social recruitment website JobVite report shows that about 89% of U.S. companies use social media for recruitment, of which the use of Linkedin, 50%, 45%, using Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn, Facebook have been listed, the market valuation of its current income is 44 times, 27 times.

but between this and Lin Tinghan mentioned "outbreak" if there is a certain relation between


answer may still be a question mark.

"inflection point coming?"

expected in the sky network, the next two years will be the outbreak of new users". Since the end of last year, the BSNS claims to be the number of users by 2013 will be >