The number of global nternet domain name exceeded 180 million.Com most popular

now, the network economy is an effective means to resist the financial crisis, more and more traditional enterprises to join the ranks of online marketing and online transactions. Electronic commerce is to help enterprises out of the woods, one of the important means to find new business opportunities, while the.Com domain name and Internet Security Service in the construction of enterprise e-commerce strategy will play a very important role, not only to ensure that enterprises can set up the security of online transactions, and consumers on the brand trust and loyalty.

domain name: brand awareness, expand global business

domain name is the enterprise in the Internet Precious brand assets, a good domain name is the Internet business on a piece of a gilded signboard internationalization especially.Com and.Net, domain name, more and more enterprises annual investment in power domain name protection above is very large. At present, a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial and commercial registration of the company name, will immediately go to register online trademark, because the domain name itself is on behalf of the company’s online trademark, it is unique. Now China’s entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, and this door is getting bigger and bigger. It is gratifying that, at present, many small and medium enterprises are also carried out online and offline business, while expanding the scale of the user, greatly enhance the company’s sales, especially the net sales revenue growth.

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global trusted Internet infrastructure services provider, VeriSign (VeriSign) days before the release of the "2009 first quarter of the global domain name industry report" shows that the global Internet domain name number has exceeded 180 million. In the first quarter, the national code Top (country code Level Domains, ccTLDs) number increased to 74 million 100 thousand, compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 4% over the same period last year, an increase of 18%. According to the total number of registered,.Com is still the world’s most popular top-level domain, the ranking order and the same last quarter.

in the current global economic background, the development of plans to expand domestic demand China VeriSign company is very optimistic about the prospects Chinese. Global domain name industry data show that: in China,.Com and.Net has maintained a growth trend. In the process of overcoming the international financial crisis, the relationship between the real economy and the network economy will become more closely. With the expansion of the number of Internet users in China, consumers, especially the demand for.Com,.Net and other domain names will be a new leap forward. Many users have benefited from.Com and.Net domain names.

online transaction security: enhance customer integrity, sales increased by

despite the current economic environment is very challenging, but for the success and development of the company, while the launch of the online brand, while ensuring the safety of the site and online transactions is still an important factor. Small and medium-sized enterprises must learn to win the trust and confidence of online customers, in order to achieve success, especially in the current financial crisis. Extended validation (EV) SSL green address bar is the best weapon against phishing. >