Say when the webmaster’s wife is not easy

when the webmaster’s wife than webmaster tired! This sentence can be said to be accumulated by experience, he said, when the webmaster work at night, during the day to sleep! You don’t sleep at night really tiring, but there is no thought of his wife, you are physically tired bear, and we do, is the body mind double tired! What when the wife does not want to let her husband hurt, spoil, want to take vacation travel together, go shopping together together, these little things may play, any family or couples will have, however, when you webmaster of this treatment is the wife of luxury, can be said to be the kind of thing we should not occur even in a hundred years, during the day to go out to work, and you don’t work at home to sleep, tired to work go, you know when your wife heart is how much pain? read more

Website collection and pseudo original this road of no return

after graduation, do full-time SEO optimization has been almost five months, during this period of time has three companies to my website has carried out the whole SEO optimization operation, I most want to say is about the content of the website. In the edit and update the content of this piece I have too much experience and feeling, a feeling not.

is currently in the SEO industry, most of the webmaster and SEO optimization personnel update website content, are no doubt the choice of the pseudo original, very little original content and quality, resulting in a million times to copy and paste the article everywhere, some synonyms, paragraphs order cannot be read through the article as a rookie, SEO forum responsible person, I feel sorry and ashamed of this phenomenon. read more

The webmaster should see the back of the free business model

in the Internet industry today, this time, free has become one of the mainstream business model. Obtain a large number of users through free strategies and then make profits through value-added or ad formats. This is a reminder but no ground for blame, and don’t try to get the webmaster baited, otherwise the end too much, or your own.

any product, promotion is always a difficult problem, there must always be a springboard, there is a media platform. In this group is likely to be eyeing, because it is a grass-roots groups, they are entrepreneurs, they are a group of people can create value and money, they are a group of people and the lack of influence of cohesion, they are a group of people have dreams but lack of resources…… Therefore, the webmaster is one of the most vulnerable groups. read more

VR to your website Wikipedia multimedia library make only superficial changes

have you ever imagined the appearance of a web page in a virtual reality (VR)


VR web page

2D web pages can also be immersive and interactive. Imagine if Wikipedia into a multimedia library, when you refer to the Egyptian pyramids, you can directly visit the wonders, explore its internal research, its texture, even through the puzzle to open the Pharaoh’s tomb. While being wrapped in ambient sound, you can even get a virtual wizard to accompany you, listen to it, dictate history, and answer questions. read more

Problems encountered in foreign trade websites

domestic Internet environment, let many webmaster Speechless, talk ", the website, the foreign trade station for ashes to ashes" for serious losses, foreign trade station are facing foreign customers, these foreign visitors, the site speed is required, while in China for the network cable outlet velocity there is a limit, if less than access speed slow, relatively large, as can be imagined your losses.

domestic Internet environment is not good, and moving abroad is not necessarily all OK, and moved abroad, then you do not pay attention to the following questions: read more

The first time to do the station three times meditation, three times revision


was IT, and familiarity with the Internet is no less than others, but on this thing, always feel mysterious and unpredictable, so I become a geek, every corner of loyalty is obsessed with the network. Suddenly one day, because of the vigilance of a little thing, let me no longer willing to use the Internet, while enjoying the convenience brought by the Internet, I think I may also do something. So I chose the station yourself, is to do, can do what, for whom, for what are not mature, but I still can’t wait to start, from planning, to technology, from the page to the background, so that even the pictures are slowly out of the mill, because never before doing, various techniques are now. Usually work and often work overtime, every day can be used to do the time, sometimes half an hour, and sometimes even a day without time to open, so that sometimes there is a plan to give up. read more

How does the home website develop under the cold winter

in the current economic downturn of the environment, subject to the property industry downturn impact, the home industry is also deserted. In this context, how to operate the home network to go through this winter,


here, we first analyze the Home Furnishing website to what is the key to success? Is to have a high quality website? Is to have a product line store? Is to carry out a lot of marketing investment? These three points. Home Furnishing networks have done. But in this industry do pretty good. When we seriously consider these questions, we must look cool and required the analysis of these factors, namely: in the economic downturn conditions, these factors will be affected by. read more

Community electronic business platform lightning purchase completed B round of tens of millions of d


technology news (Xiang Xin) October 20th news, announced the purchase of lightning has recently completed the tens of millions of dollars in B round of financing, by H capital, the fund along lead investor, A round investors, Ali Chinese Jingwei founder Wu Yongming Jing Yuan capital to continue with the cast, B round of Financing Consultant for a small table.

the use of financing in this round, lightning founder and CEO Wang Yongsen said, will be used mainly in three areas: 1. supply chain and warehouse allocation system continued plowing; 2. new city expansion; 3., improve the talent pool. "Through these efforts, the future lightning purchase to develop based on the mobile Internet, the formation of one hundred thousand merchants online, covering 100 cities nationwide largest community electronic business platform one hour." read more

How to do beauty website wise remark of an experienced person

on the design of beauty sites, many users first impression, must look good. And many designers have escaped these ideas. Today some of the beauty sites, but is that some hospitals used to do standing group, you copy me, I copy you down. Web site is generally changed in the hospital website, and mention is that the hospital site is basically a Korean style copy of the model, especially the beauty site.

on the one hand, do some analysis, a good cosmetic website, to bring more beauty hospital conversion rate, bring more customers, often rely on stations is not enough, each hospital is now holding large amounts of cash to Baidu and Google, use station, web pages to improve myself in Baidu, Google’s ranking and included, or please some of the so-called SEO master, trying to improve the ranking method, increase the click rate, to get customers through the business. read more

s the movie station still available in 2010

talk about my own experience as a movie station:

I just got in touch with the movie station when I joined a company in Hubei called "the only movie company". Spent 198 pieces, then diligently to each nearby friend carries on the propaganda, joins QQ group, forum post, at that time one day comes down, really very tired. A few months down, basically no profit. I’m not discouraged, hoping to have a movie station of my own, trying to find the next exit.

inadvertently found that the other party’s movie station was an open source program, Marx program". I asked him some common questions about Marx, including installation, collection, and so on. I also tried to download the trial, when I was building a station server to do the test. Did a few days of detailed study, found that the procedure is really simple, practical, and the function is very powerful, it is very convenient to collect. read more